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Hi, there. My name’s Randy Baker. I like to travel and I like to write. Over the years, I’ve managed to do a bit of both. From around the corner, to around the globe, I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of our world, its people and their cultures.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in a couple of countries and to visit more than a dozen others (most of them more than once). In recent years, I’ve become more interested in focusing my travels in the Americas. In fact, that’s the focus of my blog: travel and culture in the Americas. I also happen to live near my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, which is itself a hot tourist destination these days.

As for that writing thing, I’ve done freelance work in both the travel and music sectors and I’m a published poet and short story author. Yep. I like to travel, but I also dig the written word. So, thanks for coming by and reading some of my words. I hope you find them to be handy, or a little inspiring, in your own travels.