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Shrimp Shack, St. Helena Island



I’ve got two words for you. Shrimp burgers. Does that not grab you? Then how about these two words. Shrimp chowder. Okay, so you get the idea. At the Shrimp Shack, they kind of have a thing for shrimp. This rural, roadside eatery can be found on South Carolina’s St. Helena Island, serving up shrimp dishes, along with other seafood selections and traditional diner grub.

St. Helena Island is not too far from Beaufort, South Carolina and if you want to drop by and get your belly full at the Shrimp Shack, just head out on the Sea Island Parkway. You’ll find the Shrimp Shack on the shoulder of the road, between Frogmore and Hunting Island State Park. Think of it as a sort of seafood oriented greasy spoon, perfect for a casual lunch that’s easy on the wallet. It’s coastal comfort food, if you will.

Shrimp Shack has been in business for almost 40 years, so they must be doing something right. The family owned operation has become something of an institution in the area. With typical lunch deals such as sea burger sliders, fries and a drink, all for $5.00, it’s not hard to see how they won some folks over. Of course, more importantly, the food is good. Did I mention “shrimp burgers”?






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  1. […] St. Helena Island is a mostly rural area, but the small, unincorporated town of Frogmore is the commercial center of the community. Here you will find shops, such as Frogmore’s Lowcountry Store and the Red Piano Too Art Gallery. You will find a handful of restaurants in Frogmore, some of which specialize in Lowcountry and Gullah dishes. Local cuisine features familiar fare to fans of Southern cooking, along with traditional Gullah recipes and, of course, seafood is plentiful.  Gullah Grub and the Foolish Frog are popular options and, if you’re headed out to Hunting Island State Park, you can drop by the roadside classic, Shrimp Shack. […]


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