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Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios



When I think of Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios, Jamaica the first word that comes to mind is expensive. There, I said it. It costs a lot of money. Period. Maybe you can afford to spend a lot of money, maybe you can’t. Maybe you really can’t afford it, but you spend it anyway. Everyone’s interests and financial situations are different, but whether or not you think Dolphin Cove is a good value, relatively speaking, understand that your day there will most likely cost more than a day at Disney World. From my own experience, I can tell you that for what I paid for my family of three to visit Dolphin Cove, I could have brought another person to Jamaica with us.

So, am I telling you not to go? Nope. Not at all. I’m just being up front with you. On our trip, my family decided to do one, big, expensive touristy thing and Dolphin Cove was our choice. The cost has given me pause when it comes to recommending the place, but the reality is – we had a blast! We swam with dolphins! Dolphin Cove is generally cited as the #1 tourist attraction in Jamaica and, in fact, we were far from being alone when we visited. Clearly, people love the place and it continues to be a fond memory for my family.

The grounds of Dolphin Cove are gorgeous. Much of the ascetic beauty is simply the natural environment of the tropical vegetation, coupled with the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The developers of Dolphin Cove did a good job of blending their attraction into its surroundings, so the natural and man-made complement each other quite well, for the most part.

Of course, the highlight of this destination is the dolphins and if you do nothing other than pay for general admission to the park, you will definitely see some dolphins. Given the fact that you can walk pretty close to the dolphin areas and that the water is so clear, you’re going to see them. It’s a given. However, I can’t imagine that too many people that visit Dolphin Cove don’t want to get in the water and have a personal experience with these lovable marine mammals. Why wouldn’t you? Afraid of water, or can’t swim? Okay, so maybe some people just want to look, but we wanted some personal time with a dolphin and you probably would, too. Different “experiences” come with a different price tag. You can wade in and touch a dolphin, you can swim with a dolphin (which is what we did), or you can get the two dolphin experience. Your comfort level in the water, as well as your pocketbook, will probably steer your decision on which to choose.


There is also an opportunity to have a “shark encounter”. This involves a separate, fairly hefty fee, but if you have a thing for sharks, maybe you’ll want to spend the extra money. If so, you will wade into the waters where you can touch, feed and give a hug to a nurse shark. Nurse sharks are known for being pretty docile and, although they can get up to 14 feet in length, the ones at Dolphin Cove are not that large. It’s a pretty mild shark encounter, not like descending underwater in a cage, while a great white circles you hungrily. From the boardwalk, you can easily see the show, listen to the employees tell you all about the sharks and watch as other people pet the big fish. It’s free to watch.

Most of the other activities on site are included with your admission. There are shops, craft vendors, a restaurant and if you want a photo package of your dolphin experience, make sure to factor those into your budget. For no additional charge, though, you can walk along the lovely Jungle Trail, where you’ll encounter parrots, love birds and rabbits (yeah, I don’t get the connection either, but my daughter loves rabbits, so it was all good). You can take an excursion on a glass bottomed kayak, or let a guide zoom you down the coast a bit in a mini-boat. Another experience you can have with an aquatic critter is actually included in the regular admission price and, for me, I thought it was more interesting than the sharks. You can get into the water with and give a belly rub to a stingray. Don’t worry, though. Their barbs are removed, so they’re not going to impale you, or anything quite so vacation ending as that.

Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable time and Dolphin Cove does a great job of providing a safe, fun filled environment to do just that and so much more. Although I can only vouch for the Ocho Rios location, there are three other facilities on the island: Dolphin Cove Montego Bay, Half Moon Dolphin Lagoon and Moon Palace Jamaica Grande. The activities and associated costs will surely vary from place to place, but I can only assume the same high standards will apply at each location.



For more photos of good times at Dolphin Cove, check out our gallery on Facebook!


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